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All the sessions are secured, privately held and remain strictly confidential between you and your therapist.


You can reach out to the counselor through means of a Phone call, Video, or even Chat. You don't have to worry about running into a friend or an acquaintance at the clinic and answer their questions.


Our Counselor has an industry experience of over 21 years, rest assured you are in the best hands.

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General Questions?

A session of counseling begins with a rapport formation with your therapist which helps in understanding you better and gaining perspective about your personality preferences, needs, and the difficulties you are facing. Each counseling session lasts for around 60 minutes and the frequency of sessions will be best determined by your therapist based upon your personality and the severity of your issue.

At the beginning of your first session your psychologist will briefly run through important paperwork with you. This will include completing a form with basic personal information and a consent form that cover issues such as confidentiality, fees and other important information about sessions. After completing paperwork the remainder of the session is usually spent discussing the issues that have brought you into therapy.

Every person has a different journey through therapy. This is largely dependent on the nature of why they are coming in and what it is that they are hoping to get out of sessions. Some people come to see a psychologist to develop coping strategies to reduce or manage symptoms of mental illness. This type of work can be short to medium term, but might also involve checking in less frequently over the longer-term to deal with setbacks or prevent relapse. Other people come to therapy to understand long-standing patterns (such as relationship issues) or to receive ongoing support. This type of work tends to happen over an extended period of time, although again, this is dependent on client preferences. Although problems and challenges are typically what bring people to a psychologist (at least initially), therapy can also be a space forself-development and growth.

You can get an appointment either through mail or through a call.

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